Medical & Spiritual Ministry

The Medical Clinic is enthusiastically attended by patients from the Good Hope District and surrounding communities.


An in-clinic pharmacy allows the physicians to dispense necessary medications which can otherwise be limited in availability or affordability. 

We emphasize care of persons with chronic-care needs, which will result in increased level of health and quality of life.


Patients who come to the clinic also receive spiritual comfort and prayer.

When school is not in session, many  children and young people congregate at MorningStar Ministry Center for recreation, singing, Bible teaching, crafts, and meals.


Youth who have come up through the program help lead activities and mentor the children. This group of young adults meets twice weekly for prayer, fellowship, scripture, inspirational reading, and encouragement with “Nurse” Karen Brunk, who is also called "Nanny" or “Mom” by many. 


MorningStar touches many lives.